Horseback riding

This small hotel, located just a few steps from the beautiful Dominican church of St. Jerome, built in the late sixteenth century, is a fantastic way to get to know the area, connect with the community in their day to day life, and get to know more about their activities and their crafts. you could also go horseback riding during the day or under a full moon, walk old paths that communicate with other Zapotec communities and confirm the enormous cultural richness of Oaxaca. The name San Jeronimo Tlacochahuaya has a magical resonance. The town has not ceased to be a destination that connects past wonders, with the revelation that they are still present in the lifestyle of its inhabitants.

Our magnificent location allows our guests to visit readily various interesting sites.


Place   Distance   Attraction
El Tule   8 km   Picturesque community known for its ancient tree
Lambityeco   12 km   Archaeological Site
Dainzú   3 km   Archaeological Site
Yagul   18 km   Archaeological Site
Mitla   27 km   Imposing pre-Hispanic city
Teotitlán   9 km   Important Zapotec city famous for its textile
Tlacolula   15 km   Amazing Sunday market
Matatlán   30 km   Mezcal production area
Monte Albán   27 km   Immense archaeological city of sober architecture, wich is one of the most extraordinary monuments of America



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